David Ancona Lezama, MD

Ophthalmology Surgeon


  • Medical Degree
    La Salle University 2006 - 2011

  • Ophthalmology Surgery Residency Program
    Association to prevent blindness at Hospital Mexico 2012 - 2015

  • Fellowship in Retina Surgery
    Association to prevent blindness at Hospital Mexico 2015 - 2017

  • Fellowship in Ocular Oncology
    Wills Eye Hospital (USA) 2017 - 2018


About Dr. David Ancona


It takes different qualities to make a great Doctor just like there are different parts of the eye that help to create vision. That is why Dr. David Ancona has dedicated most of his life to learning different, yet vital, aspects of human medicine that affect our sight.


He also inspires future generations of Doctors by spreading his wealth of knowledge. A veteran medical teacher and researcher, who at the age of 30 had already been offered a tenure position at one of Mexico’s most prestigious medical schools and had also taught in over 5 medical institutions. He has a special way of explaining in simple words the most complex diseases. Has written 3 book chapters about Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Cornea in renown specialty books.


He believes all people should equally receive the best posible healthcare regardless of their financial situation.


In his spare time Dr Ancona likes to write medical textbooks and is currently looking to adopt a puppy and name him “Rayo” (Thunder in Spanish).


Certifications and affiliations


  • • International Council of Ophthalmology
  • • American Society of Retina Specialists
  • • European Vitreoretinal Society Member
  • • International Society of Ocular Oncology
  • • Pan-american Association of Ophthalmology
  • • Mexican Council of Ophthalmology
  • • Mexican Society of Ophthalmology



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