Blue Ribbon changed my life, I don’t just look prettier, I feel physically and emotionally much better than before. A group of professionals and impeccable facilities, worth every dollar spent.


- Olga Gaponova

Gastric Sleeve

top quality medical services


top quality medical services
top quality medical services


For me surgery was the last option, I tried a lot of diets, tested different gyms and nutritionists and even took some pills (nutritional supplements). Nothing worked.


I made a complete research before deciding, I studied the options in USA and then a friend told me about Mexico. I compared prices and the difference was huge. My first doubt was if the medical quality of the doctors and the facilities would be good, I wanted to be sure I was going to be in professional hands and safe.


For my surprise I discovered many clinics that offered this service in Mexico, each one with different prices and procedures. Blue Ribbon wasn’t the cheapest, but it was the more professional and safer I found. The service was good since the first contact, they even picked me up at the airport. And everything that happened after was even better. My doctor was one of the best in Mexico, he even practiced in Canada and UK.


I greatly recommend this option for people like me searching for top quality medical services with affordable costs.

Thank you Blue Ribbon Medical Network!


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