Plan Your Trip

For your convenience and peace of mind, our patient coordinator will help you with the planning of your trip.


Ensenada is located 70 miles south of San Diego, CA. You can choose to drive down in your own vehicle or if you prefer one of our patient coordinators can pick you up either in San Diego or Tijuana (Mexico) airport. The ground transportation airport-Ensenada-airport has no additional cost for you.


Ensenada is home to Valle de Guadalupe, the largest wine region in Mexico. The local gastronomy has international recognition. After your surgery you could spend some extra days to relax visiting some of the beautiful vineyards.


Do not worry about where to stay. We offer to plan your accommodations depending on your budget. We have unparalleled prices due to our strategic alliance with the best hotels Ensenada has to offer. We reserve your hotel room, and make sure everything is set for your arrival.


Forget about dealing with third parties, just focus on healing yourself and let us worry about the little things.


Although the price of the hotel is not included, our concierge service has no extra cost for you.

You have the option of staying at City Express Plus, a brand new hotel with it's own rooftop pool where you can enjoy the sunset and a bottle of wine. With business center, gym and complimentary breakfast buffet included in your rate.
Ask your patient coordinator about our exclusive offer.


Or you can enjoy a five star dinner by the beach at the Coral & Marina hotel. Where they have an indoor swimming pool, state of the art gym & sauna and it's own marina.
Ask your patient coordinator about the exclusive Blue Ribbon fare.


If you would like something more private, we have the perfect option for you. An isolated residence near the hospital where you can take a break from everyday life. We also have a spceial fare for our customers. The price includes 3 meals a day prepared by your own private cook.


Wellness Services

Our goal is your total well being, mental and physical. That is why we offer other wellness activities to boost your recovery and health, through exclusive partnerships with local trained professionals.


During your stay, you will want to take advantage of the time to relax and recover from your treatment. Lowering stress levels is important for your wellbeing. We partner with the top rated Massage studio, Ensenada Massage to offer:


  • • Therapeutic Masssage for pain and well being
  • • Lymph drainage to speed recovery from surgeries
  • • Facials and relaxation massage for your family and friends to enjoy as they support your medical visit with us


You can reserve your custom therapy online, or ask our patient coordinator to arrange your therapy and transportation.


Health tourism


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